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Profile Page.

Name: Christmas-kun
Nationality: S. Korean
Date of Birth: March 16
Year of: Ox

Website: Aquamarine Mirage
About: A illustration website.

Blood type: AB+
Job: Manga-ka/ Fourtune Teller.

Lucky Animal: Cat-kun
Lucky Symbol: Clover

Getting lineart ready to color in Gimp 2.2

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-get an image

-If your image has a white background or a single colored background to get rid of it go to "filters">"colors">"alpha colors" and press okay

-If your background color isn't white select the bar select the background with a dropper tool from the image then press okay and then press okay again.

There are 2 ways to select a new layer:

-Select the new layer button at the bottom of the layers tab

-or near the top left select the arrow then "layer menu" > then "new layer"

-name your layer "white back">then select "white" then okay

-grab the line-art layer and put it in front of "white back" layer

-By doing all of this you have now prepared your line-art for coloring. Instead of your image being colored over its under making it a lot easier.


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not my time i can wait. wait for me wait for no one can't come can't wait waiting game. new game. new is in do not stop. stop wrong. sounds like hiromi....told you this.

what to say. what to prove to you that i am asaian and not a counter fit.

my lingo is new. my lingo is old. my lingo is happening.

this is the game tah i have learned from miyu...

and i miss hereso much maybe i can get her back on. with my online petiotion.

we use to talk some we use to talk little...very little not some...\

i know english i am in college i have tricked my hands out she says to me in english.

taht i know the difference between right and wrong.

(and im going to get my head yelled off but the thing is is that i started it first)

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