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Adding screentones to Gimp 2.0

First get some tones


download them

extract them to a new folder *somewhere u will remember*

to extract

 -right click

 -extract to....*what ever the name of the screentones name is*

 this creates an automatic folder for the tones when it extracts

open the folder and minimize it

then go to

My computer> Local disk (c:) > Program Files>Gimp 2.0 folder *or whatever version u have*>share>gimp>2.0> patterns

*minimize this folder too*

now maximize the folder with the screentones

 -drag over all the screentones

 - then click and drag them into the gimp patterns fold

one last step to do so your screentones won't look all werid

- open Gimp *if it isn't already*

- go to the "clone" tool

under "source"

 -changed it to "pattern" if it isn't already like that

and under "alignment" change it to "Aligned"

select a screentone from the list beside "pattern" or

you can go to *from your image window* Dialouges>Patterns

and now your ready to screentones


Simple Wallpaper tutorial part 1


Getting lineart ready to color in Gimp 2.2

-get an image

-If your image has a white background or a single colored background to get rid of it go to "filters">"colors">"alpha colors" and press okay

-If your background color isn't white select the bar select the background with a dropper tool from the image then press okay and then press okay again.

There are 2 ways to select a new layer:
-Select the new layer button at the bottom of the layers tab
-or near the top left select the arrow then "layer menu" > then "new layer"

-name your layer "white back">then select "white" then okay

-grab the line-art layer and put it in front of "white back" layer

-By doing all of this you have now prepared your line-art for coloring. Instead of your image being colored over its under making it a lot easier.

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