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Etones- How to draw manga contest
Tokyopop-New comer award
Gaia online art arena-Highest Ranking

Books/Manga I Have Written (Coming Soon)

#3 Fairy Fumble (Coming Soon) 

#2 St. Sage Academy

#1 Galaxy Angel Paradise

St. Sage Academy

A story about a young girl who goes to school to become a magician, but first she has to attend an academy.

Where skill isn't the only thing they learn.

They must learn about each other and the world around them as they become the worlds best students in order to defend the world of St. Sage Academy.

Based on MMORPG's.

60 pages

Galaxy Angel Paradise: Normad's Excuse

Normad is a fluffy and cute stuffed animal but his personality isn't. Learn why Normad always feels the way he does in this adventure.

15 pages

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